Luke Miller at First Chiropractic Care Centre

Luke Miller

Registered Massage Therapist

Luke believes in a holistic approach that is individualized to fit every persons needs. He has a passion for getting people back to what they love and understanding the steps to get there. He will take the time to listen and apply that feedback into each session.  

Luke has an extensive background in exercise and movement quality. He grew up playing sports at the elite level and received a scholarship to play baseball in Texas. He has always been intrigued on how to maximize performance and integrate techniques that are specific to the activity. Prior to Massage Therapy, he has worked as an exercise therapist. He learned that no two conditions are the same and that each person is unique. Luke understands the importance of movement and rehabilitation in every day life.  

Luke graduated from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy and is in good standing with the CMTO. Previous to his schooling for massage therapy, he completed his Bachelors of Kinesiology. He optimizes recovery by using a wide variety of techniques including hydrotherapy, relaxation, trigger points, joint mobilizations, stretching, PNF, myofascial, and deep tissue.  

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