Dr. Steve Dunn at First Chiropractic Care Centre

Dr. Steve Dunn

Acupuncture Provider

Dr. Steve Dunn graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he fine tuned his diagnostic and treatment skills. Following his desire to provide comprehensive care to the public he completed his Contemporary Acupuncture for Medical Professionals at McMaster University.

Dr. Steve Dunn’s passion for chiropractic care developed stems from the treatment he received for several sports injuries he obtained as an active youth in competitive sports. His realization that the chiropractic care was for him came at a young age when most other therapies he pursued to alleviate a severe injury left him in pain and unsatisfied with his progress. “A Chiropractor was the first person in over a week that could allow me to breathe fully and without pain.”

Dr. Dunn’s philosophy is that every patient and every condition is highly personalized. “The key to recovery lies within the diagnosis and the ability to determine the source of the problem.” Treatment plans are customized to each individual patient to ensure the most efficient and fullest recovery possible. Along the road to recovery the value of supportive and maintenance care may be discussed.

Dr. Dunn further believes that, “Health is available without a prescription,” and that living a balanced life which includes appropriate chiropractic care, appropriate exercise and appropriate nutrition will lead you towards wellness.

Dr. Dunn is currently accepting new patients. Let Dr. Dunn invest in your health!.

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