Working together with a team of health care providers, Naturopathic doctors address health problems at their core. Dr. Raponi has a variety of modalities at his disposal and uses them appropriately to address the individualized needs of his patients. Utilizing acupuncture, dietary counselling, nutraceutical and herbal supplementation, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, injection and intravenous based therapies, and laboratory blood work, Dr. Raponi strives to return patients to optimal health so they can enjoy living life to the fullest.

  • Most commonly used Labs: (no tax)
  • Documentation fee (to be charged with all requisitions) $25
  • Food sensitivity test (FST) 120+  $310
  • FST 160+ $360
  • FST 200+ $430
  • Healthy Living Assessment $200
  • Enhanced Healthy Living Assessment $280
  • Autoimmune panel $150
  • Fatigue Panel $120
  • Female Hormone panel (Life Labs) $170
  • Ferritin $20
  • GGT $5.25
  • Inflammation Panel $70
  • Lipid Assessment $30
  • Thyroid Panel $95
  • Vitamin B12 $30
  • Vitamin D 25 OH $60
  • Female Panel + Cortisol Curve 4pt (RMA) $400
  • Male Panel + cortisol curve (RMA) $400

With a focus on pain management, rehabilitation, weight loss and sports nutrition, you can trust that we will take the time to get to know you and your concern so that we can arrive at an appropriate and individualized treatment plan that will return you to optimal health and function.

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