Joint Mobilization, Manipulations and Adjustments

Most people associate Chiropractor with ‘cracking the spine’. Chiropractors are skilled at moving the joints of the body to help achieve optimal performance and function. Adjustments involve moving a dysfunctional joint through its normal range of motion. The pop or crack that is associated with adjustments is just gas moving through that joint. There is a lot of research showing how effective joint mobilization maneuvers are at decreasing pain, improving function, and calming irritated nerves.

Adjustments are usually used in conjunction with other therapies and can be used for a wide spectrum of treatment. Research even shows that low back adjustments help with athletic performance, and decreasing knee pain while neck adjustments help decrease headaches along with elbow and hand pain.

Is Joint Mobilization or Adjustment Painful?

Adjustments are generally pain free, most people even report that they provide immediate relief. Chiropractors do thorough assessments prior to treatments to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for a spinal adjustment.