Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

For people looking for a non-invasive solution to pain and inflammation, First Care Centre offers deep tissue laser therapy, a revolutionary new method that has been proven safe and effective in clinical trials. This fast and painless treatment is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an option to avoid surgery or pharmaceutical drugs to treat both acute and chronic conditions.

Our professional therapists can help you get back to the activities you enjoy in your life, on the job and at recreational activities. Deep tissue laser treatments have been used for a variety of disorders, from sports injuries to back, shoulder and neck pain.

Defining Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

This breakthrough laser technique uses advanced technology to treat damaged and painful tissue. Therapists use deep tissue laser therapy to expose injured tissue to laser energy to encourage the body to heal itself more quickly. The application of laser light energy deep into the tissue structures results in increased blood flow to the area, stimulating metabolism at the cellular level to create the perfect environment for accelerated healing. Deep tissue laser therapy is not a “bandaid solution” that masks the problem for a simple quick fix. Your tissues are actually healed after treatment, providing long-lasting results.

Your First Care Centre Visit for Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

When you arrive at First Care Centre for your deep tissue laser therapy session, you will be greeted by our skilled therapist who will evaluate your condition. Your therapy treatment session will last from five to twenty minutes, according to your needs. You may feel a soothing warmth as the therapist applies laser energy to your skin above the area with damaged tissue. The light energy of the laser is transformed into gentle heat to activate your body’s regenerative powers. Blood flow is increased to the damaged area, and this enhanced circulation restores normal cellular function to provide ongoing relief from inflammation and pain.

Maximizing the Results

Most patients report that their pain is reduced in three to five deep tissue laser treatments, and some people experience decreased discomfort after just one session. You can expect your body to continue to heal for up to 24 hours after therapy. Individuals with acute conditions may require only two to six laser treatments, while those with chronic conditions may need treatment two or three times a week for up to ten sessions in total.