Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is a modern, non-surgical traction procedure that effectively treats low back, neck, and radiating leg and arm pain. This type of traction is very successful in relieving pain associated with spinal disc herniation, degenerative spinal discs, and facet joint syndromes. Spinal decompression therapy decompresses spinal discs and facet joints by utilizing an automated traction table and body positioning.

Excessive compressive forces from daily activities or traumatic injuries increase internal spinal disc pressure, which can lead to spinal disc protrusion, herniation, and bulging of disc material. Spinal decompression therapy can significantly reduce internal disc pressure, therefore promoting the retraction of the herniated disc material back to its normal physiologic position. This creation of negative pressure in the low back also promotes the intake of fluids, oxygen, and other substances necessary for healing the spinal disc and surrounding tissues. Furthermore, spinal decompression promotes a restoration of joint movement in the lumbar spine reducing stress on the joints that can minimize chronic lumbar spine pain.

Using our decompression table in conjunction with spinal stability exercises and other treatments provided in our clinic, patients can effectively relieve their pain and disability resulting from disc injury, joint stiffness, and degeneration.