As primary health care providers, physiotherapists are committed to servicing a wide patient population to address a variety of health conditions from pain management, to acute or chronic conditions. Physiotherapy involves the use of a combination of therapies such as soft tissue and manual therapy techniques, acupuncture, modalities (such as TENS, ultrasound, decompression therapy), joint manipulation and mobilization, active rehabilitation, and exercise prescription to create tailored patient care. Patient education is also an important component of physiotherapy, allowing for injury prevention and/or re-occurrence.

Through an initial assessment, physiotherapists are able to diagnose, and plan out an individualized treatment plan, as well as monitor the impact and effectiveness of treatment. By staying up to date with scientific literature, expanding their education through specialized courses, and gathering further knowledge from peers, patients, and personal experience, physiotherapists are constantly expanding their unique skill set to better serve their patients.

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